Our goal is to bring new concepts for

master plan communities and

vacation club resorts

to life.

From the conceptual phase to the marketing research we confirm that the project is financially feasible. Once confirmed, we proceed through the planning and approval process to acquisition, construction, and overseeing the sales process. Our research confirms there is an economically viable project with current demand in the market for the projects we are proposing.

We do this through vigorous market research that we conduct in our own proprietary method and use to produce an investment package that proves there is a current and future demand for the type of product we are offering. This investment package is then presented to our international network of investors in order to raise the equity and debt capital needed to proceed in the acquisition and building of the project.

During the construction phase, we handle the construction management dealing directly with our preferred engineers and architects for the inspections needed to confirm the designs and specifications are being met by the general contractor, while maintaining a schedule with our general contractor to meet construction deadlines on time and staying within our budget.

We also provide quarterly investor reports that keep everyone up to date on the progress of the project. We also work with firms best suited to handle the marketing and sales of the projects by working directly with those reputable sales and marketing firms per our mutually agreed sales assumptions.

We are currently working on several exciting projects in Arizona and Mexico.