Sun Valley is a planned 13,282-acre self-sustaining, mixed-use master planned community located in Buckeye, AZ, a western suburb of Phoenix. 10K LLC owns 10,017 acres of Sun Valley, and the Spurlock family owns the remaining 3,265 acres. Phoenix Holdings II, L.L.C. is currently involved in the planning of Phase of Sun Valley.

Sun Valley is located on the natural plains and slopes of a valley. The White Tank Mountain Regional Park lies to the east and the Hassayampa River to the west. The property is pristine desert, with arroyos, washes, and lush natural vegetation. The underground water supply is unique in that it does not raise the same concerns regarding contamination from pesticides and industrial waste as many other underground sources in the Phoenix area. The valley benefits from the prevailing westerly wind patterns and natural pollution barrier of the White Tank Mountain Range.

Sun Valley is located directly in the path of growth, as evidenced by the explosive home Construction boom along Bell Road in Surprise, AZ and incorporated Maricopa County, less than fifteen minutes to the east.

Over two million dollars has been spent on water studies, one-foot topographical surveys, wastewater Conceptual plans, traffic, drainage, and land use studies. The Sun Valley Parkway provides easy ingress and egress through a six-lane, median-separated thoroughfare over 28 miles long. The Parkway extends from Bell Road on the north to Interstate 10 on the South. It serves as a link to the amenities of the metro Phoenix area as well as the adjacent suburbs.